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I'm Sol Petti-Willis. I am the owner of Trinity Empanadas & More. We are a family owned and operated business here in the Trinity Florida area. If you pay close attention we are abbreviated TEAM. And for good reason. I have an amazing Husband Jimmie Willis who also helps with the business, so we really are in this together, as a TEAM. I don't know what I would do without him. Together we strive to bring a bit of my family culture here to Trinity, and at Trinity Empanadas and More, we are very passionate about not only the bringing out the quality in our foods, but really getting into the Colombian culture around it as well. In the near future you can expect to see our product line stocked in freezers across the country in your local supermarkets. We will also be offering a catering service. Our passion is to bring our culture here to you.  We look forward to supplying you with our World Famous Empanadas and More.

How it all Began

Our story began many years ago in Cali, Colombia.  My family headed by our parents Evaristo and Sofia Luengas and including my seven siblings lived in a modest barrio ( neighborhood ).  We learned the value of family, hard work and honesty from our parents and grandparents.  

Over the years my sister, Esperanza, learned how to make amazing Colombian empanadas from our mother, Sofia.  We all loved our mother's empanadas.

In 1981 when my husband Ralph and I brought our son and daughter to the United States I really missed the flavors of our Colombian foods.  Over the next twenty years all of my sisters and brothers immigrated here as well as my parents.  Of course our entire family loved when Esperanza would make her Colombian empanadas for us.  She also developed a loyal following among our friends and extended families.  With her encouragement, I developed the concept which has become TRINITY EMPANADAS & MORE, LLC.  as of January 2019.

Now, we are positioned to share the flavors and culture of our Colombian heritage with so many people.  We are building a legacy of true Colombian cooking while building a wide network of friends in our new nation.  We are proud to be of Colombian descent and blessed to be accepted into this great nation.


Sol Petti-Willis


Trinity Empanadas and More, where sharing Colombian flavors and culture is our legacy.


Trinity Empanadas and More! donde compartir el sabor y cultura Colombiana es nuestro Legado.

Our Products

Trinity Empanadas & More is all about sharing Colombian flavors and our Culture.

Listed below you will find out a little more about what we do:


Trinity Empanadas offers Colombian Empanadas. We offer both Chicken and Beef flavored Empanadas.


Trinity Empanadas offer Colombian style Pandebonos. A rich cheesy bread baked to your liking.


Trinity Empanadas & More, LLC. offers a ready to eat catering. Watch for upcoming Fiestas, Carnivals, fairs and other events coming to your town. You can also reach out about upcoming events that Trinity Empanadas & More will be attending.

Catering events vary by order, venue, and other specific accommodations, please contact us today for a quote for your upcoming event.

Events are coming, be prepared with the Best Empanadas in Tampa Bay and make your guests taste the flavor and authenticity of our TRINITY EMPANADAS.

"Don't let the stress get to you, please order 2 or 3 days ahead 


BOX QUANTITY                FROZEN           COOKED

50 Mini Beef                         $35.00                $45.00

50 Mini Chicken                     35.00                   45.00

25 Regular Beef                     25.00                   35.00

25 Regular Chicken               25.00                   35.00

20 Pandebonos (Cheese Bread)Pre-baked    20.00

20 Argentinian Regular                     

      Beef empanadas for 

      baking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25.00

      (made with flaky pastry-delicious)   

***Individual Regular Empanada cooked each  $2.00

      Individual Mini Empanada cooked each          1.00

Ají (Pico de Gallo) 3.25oz $1.00   8oz $3.00   12oz $5.00

*Minimum order to deliver      $20.00

 *For assistance in Spanish or placing an order please call Sol at: 






Learn More

Want to know more? Contact us today and we would be happy to go over Trinity Empanadas in more detail or if your looking to order some empanadas and pandebonos feel free to place an order with our team using the contact form below. We also offer Catering Services Call us today to book yours!

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Cooking Instructions

Instructions for deep frying Empanadas:


Must be deep fried.      Pre Heat oil at 375 degrees then place the frozen empanadas directly into the oil for 8 minutes total, turn them around at the first 4 minutes then place them on paper towel to take the excess oil, let them sit for about 2-3 minutes to cool down.

Enjoy them!


Place frozen Pandebonos on baking dish in a Toaster Oven as you would toast bread. You may also bake them at 325 degrees for 6 minutes. If they are not frozen toast for five minutes only.

Enjoy them!  

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